Mulchden Map

This is the place where you and I live.

It's also where the Flowbacks, the Snugherders and the Firewinders work, although few humans have ever seen them.

Just under the earth's surface is what the Denlops call 'The Lid'.

Here, the Clumpthumpers are busy making mountains by bashing the Lid with their hammers and the Poseymavens push their flowers up out of the ground.

This is where the Willowpips make the trees and the Poseymavens make the flowers. It's also the home of Oaflump the giant, whose snoring makes the wind.

This is where the Denlops live. It's the perfect place to sleep because it's nice and warm, close to the Inner Nub.

The Inner Nub is right at the centre of Mulchden and is full of fire and lava.