Mulchden is a safe environment that allows kids to chat with Yuk Yuk and his friends, imaginary creatures from a world inside the Earth’s core.

The system uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology to engage your child in conversation. The characters are designed to spark curiosity in young minds. The web site encourages this by setting the scene, and raising questions that can be put to Yuk Yuk in conversation.

Mulchden offers a completely safe way for your child to take part in online chat. The Artificial Intelligence system contains content that is designed specifically for a young audience. Your child does not engage in conversation with our staff nor with other visitors to the site.


Mulchden is currently free. We plan to offer enhanced services for a small charge some time in the future, in order to fund our continued research into Artificial Intelligence.


During conversation, your child may reveal certain information that is personal to them. This information is treated with the utmost respect.

  • This information will never be passed on to anyone outside of our organisation
  • This information will only be viewed by our content staff, who will use it to improve the general quality of conversation that the system can provide.
  • This information will be permanently deleted after 14 days.

We set two cookies during the course of your visit. These are two random but unique numbers that are saved on your computer to allow us to track your progress through the site. They contain no personal information.


Mulchden was created by Loud Internet Ltd, a web design agency with a passion for technology and an eye for design. To find out more, visit