Mulchden was unknown to people until 1902 when young Lady Sinkfoot who, whilst looking for treasure on the beach vanished for two days.

On her return she told tales of "small friendly creatures who live for thousands of years".

Not many people believed her at the time and many still don't. She never revealed the whereabouts of the entrance to Mulchden and nobody has been able to find it.



It was a time of light and laughter. The Denlops spent their time playing in the sun and tending to their animals. One morning the Sun didn't rise " Do not worry " said the wise Denlops who were called the Wiselops. "The Sun is dreaming about important things, it will be here soon." But it did not appear at all that day and the animals slept on thinking it was night.

The Sun did not rise the next day or the day after that or even the day after that and the animals slept on. With the light gone and the wind howling, the mountains began to crumble and the grass and flowers withered. "We must send a messenger to the Sun and ask what is wrong." So a messenger was sent and the Denlops waited in the cold darkness for his return.

When the messenger arrived he brought strange news "The Sun could not answer my questions."
He told the Wiselops. "It has no ears to hear and no mouth with which to answer. I saw much damage but it could be repaired with the right tools and a little time."

Then the wisest of the Wiselops spoke "The time of playing has come to an end. We will send five Denlops to work on the Sun. The rest of us will go underground together to keep the world working." As soon as they were ready the five chosen Denlops set off for the Sun. The next morning the Sun rose and shone brightly, the animals awoke unaware of what had happened. By nightfall all the Denlops had gone underground where they have remained ever since.